Updated PhP My Admin in XAMPP

Getting my hands dirty locally.

If you have ever wanted to create a local blog on your computer (meaning not online) for testing or any other reason you need to check out XAMPP or one of the local host applications. I had wanted to do this for a long time but always thought it would be too complicated to setup. When I finally started poking around I basically had the whole thing setup because it is that simple.

Today I’ve been digging through some pretty complicated database connection errors and have been living in phpmyadmin all day. My need to look at some database tables individually called for uploading them to my localhost (or local server) to save time and energy. While comparing tables I noticed that I had an outdated version of phpmyadmin running on the local host. The official download of XAMPP was still running the old version and it wasn’t clear how to upgrade from the phpmyadmin home screen. So I just downloaded the new version and copied the files into the phpmyadmin folder in the applicaition. Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple.

When I refreshed phpmyadmin the login screen appears no problem. Except the default is configured to require a password. Which is in conflict with how XAMPP is setup locally. With no password. This is for ease of access in a development only environment not online. Anyway after messing around I realized two things. To get the update to work you need to rename the config.sample.inc.php file to config.inc.php. Then open that file up and change the allow no password rule to “true” instead of false. Ha that worked.

Two parts of this process that I still don’t get.

1. I made a backup of the old version of phpmyadmin and when I copied it back in. I got an error on loading that said the config.inc.php file was corrupt and couldn’t be opened. I have no idea why.

2. Where does XAMPP’s mysql store the database tables? I’m assuming it is within the application folders somewhere. Are they hidden folders?

Anyway I’m pumped because tinkering here isn’t my strong suit.