Wedding Invitation Design

Last month I had the pleasure of designing my sister’s wedding invitation. There were roughly three options I made and this is the design she chose and we printed.

My sister, Lucille, wanted a card that was formal and straightforward. She didn’t want the m to be expensive or feel expensive. She also wanted them to be in the colors of her wedding party. So other than that I have a lot of creative freedom with the design.

This is the primary invitation. The vector art is stock and the fonts are Poetica and Mrs. Eves.

This card is front and back with travel information. The card on the right is one of my favorite parts of the invitation because I’m really pleased how the typography came together.

The RSVP card. I wish she would have let me setup the website as well so the url isn’t a mile long.

Finally the front of the thank you cards.

Just for fun here is one of the other options that wasn’t selected.