Weekend in Indianapolis

This past weekend I took a quick trip to Indianapolis with some friends to play in a Magic: the Gathering Tournament. I haven’t been out of Pittsburgh since the holidays so it was a nice break from my day-to-day.

Thoughts about Indy

I’ve only been there once before and then I didn’t venture too fare outside of the hotel/convention center area. This time our hotel was on the opposite side of downtown from the event space. So I got to walk downtown a lot, it was great. Someone once told me that they don’t feel they know a city until they can walk it. So true.

To me downtown Indianapolis felt like a mix of long New York blocks and squeaky clean D.C. There are tons of chain restaurants including my new favorite the Ram. A brew pub with fantastic burgers. I just wanted to camp out at this restaurant.

Coincidentally the Big 10 end of season tournament was happening in Indy the same weekend. It was funny to run into the basketball players and cheerleaders in our hotel. Usually I’m all over the sporting events of the moment but since we were playing magic the two interests are polar opposites. I don’t even know who won the basketball event. I could go on in great detail about the deck that won the grand prix I was playing in, but I’ll spare you those gory details.

New Music, Interesting conversations about beards and other randoms

What road trip is complete without discovering some new music. New to me is LCD Soundsystem and Toro y moi. I’ve been playing them back to back on Spotify.

The best part of the trip was hands down entertaining conversations; inventing crazy magic cards that would never actually get made, to beard growing philosophy, to philosophic thoughts on why it’s good not to objectify women in fantasy art. The group I traveled with is a very eclectic mix of white boys. Some Pittsburgh born and raised and others from outside the state we make up a good group that can make a six hour drive not take so long.

Didn’t Tweet Once

It’s true. I did upload some Instagram photos and Facebook. I guess I’m just sparing all my followers from magical times.