December Roundup

1. There are three websites that I’ve been working on. The are soo close to being ready to discuss. I know I’ve teased it for a while but when they aren’t bread and butter jobs that is what happens. They will be brilliant blogs do you worry.

2. I want to plan an evening with PodCamp in January. Who is down for a little PCPGH reunion. Looking for a good project to interview.

3. I just read Justin Kownacki’s post about taking a week off. Much of his thinking is an echo of what is going on in my head. I think that I am realizing I need to do a better job of planning my schedule, implementing deadlines, and creating a better work zone at home. I also have taken on too many personal projects at the moment. My idealistic nature thinks I can do all things at the same time, but I think it is actually just breaking my focus.

4. Earlier today I created a list of a lot of items I’ve meant to blog about. As related to number three planning, lets give it a go.

5. I started this post called December roundup. But I realized I don’t have anything to roundup. So just ramblings and getting things off the top of my head so I can publish this blog post and feel accomplished today.