PYP Social Media Round Table Recap

Last night I participated in a social media round table hosted by Pittsburgh Young Professionals. First off I want to thank Jen Houtz for asking me to take part. I was honored to be among the panel. It was great to be able to talk shop, because when we are hosting a PodCamp I’m usually running around and don’t get to participate in the conversation.

I felt the panel did a good job of answering questions and providing a lot of great information. The panel consisted of a diverse professional background from Deanna Ferrari’s agency experience, Jackie Quinn’s corporate viewpoint to Don and my start-up/small business view-point we had all the bases covered. After the discussion I had a few thoughts stick with me.

Get your hands dirty

Most people in new media/social media had to figure it out for themselves. Literally these tools have been created in the past few years. This industry is far from mature and those who can be the most creative can achieve the most. You can be the most valuable to your clients by being the innovator.

Make A Baby

Create something of your own and make it your baby. I’ve had a few of these projects, a personal podcast and Creation Rex. By creating a project that is your baby it gives you the passion to dig in and make your social media experiment the best it can be. Also when you make a baby, just like in real life, find a partner. A team effort will make you accountable to the project and your partner. Another great feature of a team effort is when you are creatively exhausted your partner can help you keep it fresh.

A creative project that is all your own keeps you inspired and engaged with what is happening in the social media world. It gives you a sandbox to experiment and lifts normal restrictions that you may face in a more professional environment. So go make a baby.

Still have questions or want to continue the conversation. Just leave a comment or feel free to contact me.