Wondering About Podcasting

The other day I was having a conversation with John about podcasting. Why has this medium failed to continue to grow. I feel as though podcasting should be more mainstream by now especially with the success of iTunes and all the free content available.

So, question, has podcasting continued to grow or has it reached its plateau?

I feel that Apple hasn’t done a very good job about promoting and talking about podcasts since it originally launced. But my simple thought is that Apple created the podcasts as a way to show how audio and video mediums could be transmitted through iTunes store. This is was important to them in order to get the TV, movie and music deals they did to really make money. Don’t get me wrong here iTunes store is still awesome for podcasters but I’d like to see more podcasting support on the higher apple level.

Podcasts in the iTunes store for free are one of the reasons I love Apple. However, you can see how they originally didn’t support podcasts in the iPhone iTunes store. So food for thought.