PodCamp Pittsbrugh 3

We laughed, we cried, we blogged.

I’m still recovering from PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 this past weekend. I don’t mean in the had too much to drink sense, but in the over load of information and ideas. I want to thank all my fellow organizers for pulling out all the stops to make such a great event happen. I love working with you guys. I’ve said this before but if I could work full time with the PodCamp PGH crew I would in a second. Getting things done is is so much better when you are working with people who are all trying to achieve the same goal. 

I’m really looking forward the Pittsburgh group blog that was born out of a session yesterday lead by Chris Brogan, OMG Pittsbrugh. I think that this type of project is going to live or die by the interest of the community, but has the potential to really be something. I flesh this idea out a little more in my second post on omgpittsbrugh.com.

What was most interesting for me this year is the fact that this is my first year with real blogging experience under my belt. I was glad to be able to lead sessions and share ideas. While I’ve been a part of the new media community here in Pittsburgh ever since 2006 I really wasn’t writing a blog or creating content until last year. Now I really never have any free time. 🙂 

My real angle as a blogger comes from the niche world and you can see that over on Casual Magic. That started as an experiment and has really become a great way for me to connect to a community of gamers I would otherwise have no access to.

One takeaway I have from this year’s podcamp is that I don’t spend enough time with normanhuelsman.com. I’ve always left it as a place to share with friends but perhaps I’ll find more to say and more to write about. Talk to Yinz soon.  

Photo by Jenn Schooley.

The Wear Pittsburgh Loungy Lounge

I’ve been working nonstop this week on two events: Good Taste Pittsburgh for The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and PodCamp Pittsburgh. Yes all three are in Pittsburgh. After many hours and long days I’ve finally hit a point where everything is coming together. So much so, that I put together the signage for PodCamp tonight and I’m pleased to pass along the Wear Pittsburgh Loungy Lounge sign. I really could go for a Loungy Lounge right about now.

 We introduced the Loungy Lounge at PCPGH2. As an alternative to the Mentor Lounge. Both are idealy a place where people can go and foster those great hallway conversations that are so meaningful. While the actual space isn’t as loungy as one would like the concept and idea is there. 

I’ll look forward to seeing you at PodCamp.


Image Joel Mark Witt.

Thinking about PodCamp PGH

PodCamp PGH is quickly approaching. Here is the Bacn video that was made at PCPGH 2. I’m sure that new and exciting ideas will emerge out of PodCamp PGH this year. I’ll be presenting on a few topics including branding and blogging.

PodCamp PGH will be held at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh on October 18-19. On Saturday we start at 9a.m. and don’t stop until Sunday. 



PodCamp Pittsburgh 3

We had a good podcamp meeting this week and we are buckling down for the real work before the conference. If your me, that means trying to remember how your CSS works so you put a badge on your blog. Success although it took a lot longer than I thought. 

We’ve got the sponsor money coming in and things are starting shape up. Although we are still looking for a few more dollars to make everything happen the way it should. The schedule will go live this week or next and you can look for yours truely giving a few sessions. I’ll keep everyone up to date what and when. 

For now if you are planning on attending PodCamp and haven’t registered please do so. Click here and then click register now. It is that easy.