Writing a Theme Named Duck

I want to write about all the projects I have in motion right now. Too many as usual. But when I go to write I either get distracted or don’t make time because I’ve actually working on stuff. I also realize right now I’m doing what no blogger should ever do, make excuses for not writing. Consider this paragraph a PSA.

Thanksgiving Project

Last week was Thanksgiving weekend and this year I traveled to Iowa. Which is about 13 hours travel time from Pittsburgh to my brothers house. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about next steps for myself, mainly in the career department. As I spend more time with WordPress I want more and more to just be able to develop themes and plugins myself. Which requires a solid knowledge of PHP, CSS, and HTML.  So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to take steps to become a super awesome WordPress developer. There is a high demand for the skills and guess what, I love WordPress.

First thing’s first. This year I have gotten familiar with CSS and can comfortably hack any theme while messing with the PHP and creating templates, but always on the shoulders of someone else’s work. Since I knew I had a long car ride (both ways) in front of me I decided it would be the perfect time to start building my own WordPress theme.

Rubber Ducky

I’m calling this theme Duck in honor of Photoshop’s rubber duck that is in every tutorial. If you have never cut this little guy out of the white background with the pen tool you haven’t lived.

This first theme is really me cutting my teeth on writing all the CSS and hopefully PHP for my files. In preparing for this mini project I’ve already learned a great deal about WP core and theme interactions. I’m using an old “build themes” for WP book from 2008 to get started. There are a lot of modern functions missing from this tutorial but it has been good because I can really focus on the basics of what I’m doing.

Here is where I ended after four hours of straight coding in the car yesterday. My four hour limit was imposed by the battery life of Mr MacBook Pro.

Not much to look at but it was an accomplishment for me.

WordPress 3.5

One quick note. The release candidate is out for WordPress 3.5. There are a lot of backend upgrades especially to the image/media uploader and manager. There are some things that I thought were missing but I didn’t read all the dev notes and I wasn’t sure what polish hasn’t been added. Over all it looks like a great update and I’m looking forward to it in the coming months. Also I really like the new TwentyTwelve default theme. Great improvement over the current default. Check it out if you have a chance.