Busy Weekend

I’m still working on bringing you my WordPress 3.0 Beta review. It is still running smoothly on huelsman.org and I have only run into one glitch. Updating photos on sub domain blogs has a bug but I expect it will be addressed in the final build if it hasn’t been already. I haven’t been updating the nightly builds, I’m not that hard core. Anyway I’m giving a talk about 3.0 at the next Refresh Pittsburgh so I’m kind of stalling for that reason. So if you want to hear about my experience with WP 3.0 so far mark you calendar whenever the date of the next meeting hits. I’ll post an update when it does.

Next I’m headed to Washington D.C. today for the weekend. I’m playing in a giant Magic event where I can win some money if I play well. I’ve already got three byes (for those of you who don’t know what that means ask me later). Anyway it is a good deal if you are in that community. While I’m there I’m excited to meet up with a lot of Magic bloggers and writers. There has been a great community growing and since we are all spread all over the world this is a rare chance to hang with some of them.

Finally I’ve been experimenting with Facebook and blog integration this past week. If you’ve noticed the tool bar at the bottom of the browser that is part of what I’m playing with. The tool bar is from Gigya, click the link to learn more about it. Next I play on integrating the FaceBook like button on each post. These new tools seem to be a great addition for subtle social sharing and can be really powerful for creative content. Also it is obvious that building audiences on Facebook is worthwhile. Almost half of America is on FB where as only twenty percent is on twitter. I got all these facts from Marketing Over Coffee.

See you all next week.