Zen and my Motorcycle

Saturday I started tearing apart the old motorcycle to get it running again. Brian was helping and quickly identified a few issues that are pretty obvious.

We drained the oil and the gas before heading to eBay and ordering new gaskets and a carb rebuild kit. Hopefully next weekend I’ll have the parts and time to really get to work.

Working on my bike has of course given brian the bike bug. We didn’t even have the air filter off before he was talking about getting one. This leads me to wonder, “what would the Yinz Team biker gang be called?” the RSS Riders, Yinz Revers, Throttel Casters.

Incase you didn’t know you can take a motorcycle safety course and get your license for free (the class is free I mean) if you have a valad PA drivers license.

The iPhone make the bike look sexier than IRL.