Bloomfield Sandwich Shop

Late last year I had the opportunity to redesign the menu for The Bloomfield Sandwich Shop. I love menu projects because I can take a lot of information and get really personal with the typography. This redesign was no different because I offered to do the project after Ros (or better known as Momma Ros) exclaimed that she couldn’t read the prices on the previous menu. My brother Carl claims that I took on the menu because I eat there all the time and wanted to look at a menu with proper (or my own) design. All are really true.

I’m really pleased with how it came out and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from Ros and other employees. Despite what it looks like there is a lot of information and I was really worried that I would have to compromise my initial objective of making the prices clearly readable. Normally in a menu design I de-emphasize the price. We were also adding all the pancake information to this menu design. Fortunately I was able to start from scratch and Ros wasn’t attached to any of the old photos or design elements on the previous menu. The only restraints were the size and shape of the paper.

Design Process

When I started to organize the typography I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bring the character of the diner into the menu or keep them separate. As I worked through a few options I generally liked the clean san serf feel better that everything else. Initially I thought I would use a serif to help with the legibility of the prices. I think the design itself took on a diner feeling of it’s own. Adding the boxes around different features helped to pull it all together and keep it well organized.

The Woodstock inspired graphic was the very last element to come together and honesty didn’t come to me until I was designing the name. I didn’t know how much room I would have left for the name and I thought I would use a photo of the building or something. I was browsing online looking  for some inspiration and I think just came to me. I’m glad it worked out because I think that image is a great representation of the vibe in the diner and connects the modern menu design to the decor of the dining room.

So if you haven’t had a chance to visit the diner please go – best pancakes, waffles, french toast in Pittsburgh.