Posting from iPad

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking that an iPad would be really useful. Not so much for me but rather my mother, someone who really doesn’t need a computer. She doesn’t need a full computer because all she really uses it for is email, web browsing, and probably limited word processing.

While home over the holiday weekend I watched her sit in front of a windows machine, that needs the os reinstalled, frustrated about how long it took to turn on and load the Internet. I could fix the os issue on a Mac but Ive never done that kind of maintenance on a windows machine, I digress. Sitting around there was another instance where she wanted to check the status of the next Harry Potter movies, but getting online was too much effort for such a small task.

This is when I suggested that she is the ideal candidate for an iPad. These are simple to use, great for basic web and email users, light, and frankly makes modern computing simple enough for anyone who has little computer exposure. I will also suggest one of these for grandma, who swears to be computer illiterate.

So this week I was chosen by The Art Institute to be an early adopter and stand by my thoughts regarding ease of use. Of course i want to make the most out of the device and have yet to really integrate the tablet into my life. But I can say this, lounging around with the Internet has never been better. Games are really amazing on this thing, although they are still very simple compared to psp and gameboy. The only major snag is typing, really awkward.

So this is hopefully the first of many new mobile posts via mobile wordpress.