Happy Monday Yinz

What a big week this will be, World Cup 2010, Refresh Pittsburgh Presentation, WordPress 3.0 is supposed to launch, I’m waiting eagerly to announce a major change to my Magic blogging, and Yinz Team Softball is off to it’s second week. In addition to all that excitement tomorrow we are presenting a special gift to AiP’s president that I designed. It was a grueling process but the final version turned out rather well. More on that later.

What I really want to share is a sweet taste of victory that is probably a once in a lifetime achievement for me, Yinz Team Fantasy Football. Recently my championship trophy from Yahoo came in the mail.

Let it be known that Yahoo spares no expense when it comes to fantasy football trophies and memorabilia.

Here is Mr. Football strutting his stuff looking to show up the Heisman.

And since winners only date prom queens, here is Mr. F with my hula girl. Is she growing faint in his presence? Go America!