Dungeon Solitaire

A little while back I was contacted by @Dungeon_Sol on twitter asking me to check out their new iPhone game Dungeon Solitaire. I obliged and wrote a review about it on Casual Magic.

For those of you who don’t know Dungeon Solitaire is a digital card game where you must pit heroes and monsters against one another. The game play is very simple and you play against yourself (hence solitaire) and keep scores against other people via OpenFaint network.

Here is the Cool Part

Once Julie from Griptonite Games and I had exchanged a few emails she offered me my own custom card. In Magic you have win a national event and pray to the mana gods to get your own card, and then it might not even happen. So naturally I’m stoked at the chance. The best part is not only did I get my own card, but excellent custom artwork comes standard, check it out.

Pretty cool right. Awesome. I’m like some Gambit card wheeling magician. Naturally.

So What Does Your Card Do?

Excellent question. Except I’m not going to tell you.

Go download Dungeon Solitaire from iTunes Store. It only costs $1.99 so no big deal. My card is free to all, so once you have the game enter this code into card store: 031-062-023. Then you can experience the awesomeness that is my digital wizardry.

Anyway special thanks to Julie at Griptonite Games for being super cool and hooking me up. I hope you like the game and let me know what you think of my card.