Code Academy

Code Academy

I’ve been using Code Academy for the past few weeks and it is a pretty awesome experience. If you have wanted to get familiar with code this a great free way to do it that also entices you to keep plugging away with a point and award system.

Bite Size Chunks

Because there is a lot to learn I’ve started doing a few exercises each morning. It helps get my brain in gear and I usually can do an few exercises in 20 minutes. So it’s not a huge commitment and I’ve been able to keep it up.

Because I learn through repetition, and most of coding is memorizing the syntax, I wish there were more exercises on some of the basics. Currently I’m doing JavaScript and it isn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. But one lesson on each basic concept isn’t enough for me. They do have overlapping mini projects wich is nice.

UPDATE: Sometimes I’m such a noob. Repetitive projects to get better.

I don’t think they have a friends function on Code Academy but I did see something about collaborative projects. Which I haven’t looked into yet. So if you are there let me know!