New theme sort of up and running

Welcome to the new theme. It’s called Brainstorm which I love because in magic a staple card is also named Brainstorm.

Don’t worry this won’t be a post about magic. Brainstorm also makes me think of Brian Strom, and now my blog. So we’ve come full circle.

Era of Brainstorm

This new theme is a turning point for me in the sense that it’s the first time I paid for a theme for The ultra minimal free theme’s I’ve used over the years just got old to me. I also wanted a new and easy way to showcase the projects I’ve been working on. I found Brainstorm on Theme Forest while looking for  inspiration on the PodCamp Pittsburgh new site.

I like the look and feel of the theme. However the real seller for me was on the customizable back-end, portfolio features, etc. As of this post the portfolio section isn’t finished, therefore unpublished, but I plan on having that together in the near future.

New RSS Feed

With the new theme came and upgrade to the hosting via Tubu. Andy convinced me to make the switch to their new service with unlimited bandwidth and more awesome. This doesn’t automatically mean that the RSS feed changes, but because my blog was previously located in a directory called “blog” the feed reflected that url location. So without getting to technical you may need to update your RSS reader to the new RSS feed Or just check back here every day. 🙂