Favorite Website of 2011: Band Camp

Band Camp is the greatest site I’ve discovered this year. Hands down you’ve probably seen me tweet it. I’ve even got a secret Facebook group with friends I grew up with to share musical tastes. I post a lot from band camp.

Why is Band Camp Magical for Me?

Something I realized about myself recently is that I am a huge consumer of music. Meaning I’m constantly listening to tracks and I basically walk around with earbuds engaged. I’m not trying to fool anyone, I always knew this about myself, however over the past few years I’ve hit a plateau in musical exploration. I really haven’t purchased many new cds or had many recommendations. I know sharing tools are out there but, like I said I’ve just drifted away.

So the magic of Band Camp is like walking into a record store and pointing to an album and listening to it. If the artist has more than one release its there. I’ve discovered a lot of great new music, mostly electronic. But when my tastes shift all the other genres are there.

The fact that Band Camp is an international community really strengthens its library. A user can drill down by region but I typically just go to the tags page and browse. When I started using the site I waned more browsing options, and was surprised by the simple interface. So I think there could be some improvement there, but I really have come to like just browsing the way I do.

Music Player and Music

I also love the music player, it works great in mobile safari and can even be controlled by your earbud remote. Unfortunately not true on the desktop. I wish there was a plugin that displayed tracks in a collection for wordpress. If there is on let me know.

Anyway here are some of my favorite finds: