New iPhone, Just Like That

Today I went to the Apple Store to have my phone looked at. No big deal, my home button was sticking and I was wondering if there was something they could do about it. Apparently they can’t do anything about this situation and so as I was under warranty I was handed a brand new phone in exchange for my old one. This seemed like a good deal to me but as I was leaving the store I couldn’t help but wonder if I’m too trusting of the Apple Store.

Look Shiny New iPhone

That was all it took for me to say OK. I watched the guy delete the data on my old phone, hand me a new one, and say sign here. I was in and out in minutes.

The new phone is in the process of restoring itself from my backup and I am confident that this process will be as painless as can be. However why do I feel like sometimes I just put the keys to my whole life, old phone, in the hands of a stranger and just walked away. Why would Apple just replace my phone like that? All I said was that the button sometimes sticks and ask if they can do anything about it. He didn’t run a hardware test or anything as far as I could tell.

This makes me wonder if there is some valuable user data Apple can pull out of slightly used phones. Wear and tear, data usage, how well the memory and hardware has held up. Valuable data and all it costs them is the manufacturing price of a new iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining but handing me a new phone strikes me as odd especially after the ordeal with my MacBook Pro a few months ago.

Scratching My Head

Back in March I had a serious problem with my OS crashing at every turn. It seemed like a phantom problem that the Apple Store guys couldn’t explain other that a bug in the programming. However after about 8 weeks of trying this and that, they finally decided to replace my motherboard. Which fixed the problem.

Now, why did it take 8 weeks of the runaround with a mother board problem? Something that was impacting my ability to do my job and causing me to pull my hair out as well. When it only took a snap decision to replace a phone on an issue that I could have lived with.

I’m not suggesting that Apple replace my whole MacBook Pro, that would have been nice, but fixing an issue with the hardware to get me back up and running would have been preferred. My dollar investment into a MacBook Pro is higher than an iPhone and I would rather have better care in this department. Which takes me back to putting too much trust in those guys in blue shirts. They told me what to do and I always did what they said. Even when it was clearly not fixing the problem.

Upgrade to Lion

Another reason I’m worried about believing everything the Apple Store tells me is that I’m considering upgrading to Lion. I was playing around with the new OS today which it looks great and is very smooth. I wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade except for the fact that I’m my own IT department now-a-days. If CS5 doesn’t play nice I’m going to be in trouble. (I’ve only heard that CS5 works fine but I’m still cautious). When at the store today it looks like all the Adobe products have been upgrade a .x version from what I am running. Presumably to accommodate the new OS. This was confirmed by two “geniuses” so I’m good to go. Right?

Well, I’ve got to get back to setting up the new phone. Has anyone else had a similar situation?