Special Annoucement: AiP Seal

I’ve been talking a lot recently about the official seal I’m working on for The Art Institute. Truthfully, the seal has been done for close to two months and we have been waiting for the right moment to lift the curtain. So without further adieu here she is.

What you are looking at is the final rendering completed by fellow AiP alum Mike Kuzin. I’ve worked with Mike in the past and it is always a pleasure to work with other talented artists. My contribution to the seal was to gather information from the President and Deans office then define the visual elements and arrangement. In the end, my overall goal was to find a careful balance between the history of The Art Institute that captured a sense of tradition and education.

In the future I’ll publish some of my initial designs and sketches and outline the process a little more clearly. In the mean time you can visit AiP’s news blog for the official annoucement. Also below is a finished medallion that is the centerpiece of our Presidential Chain of Office, fancy.