WordPress 10th Anniversary Party PGH

WordPress 10th Anniversary

Six years ago I registered this url and installed my second installation of WordPress. Previously I was using iWeb to make quick sites that I needed here and there. Prior to that (and going way back), I was using Microsoft Frontpage to make wysiwyg sites and generally bad interfaces. Thank the Lord that I am now out of that dark age and have better tools at my disposal. Hey WordPress.

Next week Monday we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of WordPress at Franktuary in Lawanceville.

In those past six years I went from blogger to, WordPress advocate, to budding developer. While I’m still learning PHP I’ve got a ton of WordPress experience under my belt and haven’t run into a web situation were I couldn’t use WordPress. Though WordPress I’ve gotten into coding, podcasting, server configuration and other random topics that I wouldn’t have dabbled in 7 years ago. What can I say WordPress has been my gateway CMS.

Coming from a print design background all my serious web creation experience lay in juvenile tools. I developed an understanding of html in high school but didn’t do much with it thought college or after. Today I’m constantly polishing my web skill set through code academy and a plethora of web projects. I’m even composing this post in text mode because it is just easier to create this way.

OK enough about me and my love affair with all these php files. I hope to see you and and hear your WordPress story next week.