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Hi, I'm Rex, I'm a dinosaur and this is my blog.


Mentoring. Because I have knowledge.

I try to be a generous monstrous killer death lizard.

I — you’re laughing. That’s quite rude.

I know I have a lot of enemies. I know I’m easily angered. I know I have killed a lot. I know — yeah, I know why you’re laughing.

But still, giving back is important, so I’ve taken a youngster under my wing, so to speak. Of course if I had a wing, I’d be a pterodactyl and if I was a pterodactyl, I’d be a wuss … I’ve digressed.

I signed up to be a mentor with Big Dinosaurs of America.  Meet Jake.

(Created by student Josh Hoover)

He’ll be shadowing me for a bit as I teach him the things he didn’t learn in school.

As you can see, he excelled brilliantly at Lesson #1:  Roaring and Looking Super Scary

Now we’re walking down the block for Lesson #2: Making Scott Mervis Pee his Pants … Twice.


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