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Hi, I'm Rex, I'm a dinosaur and this is my blog.

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[Note From The Dino Wrangler]

Unless you’re an expert dinosaur handler please keep your contact with all such creatures to a minimum. To anyone who has recently been near a brontosaurus, I suggest you wait 5-10 days before any communication with Rex. Despite what he may say, brontosaurus bites are among his favorite treats.

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Creation Rex: The Unofficial Biography

Despite my age (sixty*cough* million) and remarkable lifespan, I celebrate my birthday on June 10, 2003. That is when I emerged from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s historic landmark façade into urban reality from a fully animated virtual Jurassic background.

I was created as part of DinoMite Days, a public art project of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and fundraiser for the renovation of the Museum’s world class dinosaur collection. I am one of three dinosaurs that were “sponsaured” by The Art Institute.

I was designed by the college’s Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Stephen Butler. He made me with the idea that I would immortalize the creative process in a grand, prehistoric style and I originally held my own mouse and emerged from a digital environment of my own creation.

I gained popularity and made friends easily so I became a self-proclaimed downtown icon, welcoming visitors to Pittsburgh. My handsomeness also makes for a great photo op. Just don’t dawdle too long, lest I get skittish. Or hungry.

I adore Pittsburgh for all of it’s marvelous people, parades, and parties. I also consider myself to be the King of the Steelers Nation.

Lost Pittsburgh by Shirley Yee

Lost Pittsburgh by Shirley Yee

My brothers were also part of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s sponsored DinoMite Days series were sold at auction to benefit the Museum. LOST PITTSBURGH is a Stegosaurus created by Graphic Design Chair Shirley Yee with contributions by artists and faculty members Helen Webster, Deb Giancola and former employee Lora DeWolfe. He is now a permanent fixture at the Senator John Heinz Regional History Center.

Nino the Crusher by Rick Back

Nino the Crusher by Rick Bach

NINO THE CRUSHER is a Torosaurus sculpted from 800 pounds of steel and the creation of AiP graduate Rick Bach. Nino was purchased by a private donor and is off living the high life.

But I’m the only one with a blog.



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