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I stumbled upon this while searching for information on how to medically treat a dinosaur who swallowed a vuvuzela. Uh, I was searching on behalf of a friend. Who got mad. When the US lost. And he ate a Ghana fan’s vuvuzela. And now his burps are muffled and his farts sound weird…er.

Anyway, what I found was this little puppet show being featured in the Minnesota Fringe Festival of Performing Arts:

“Fartosaurus Rex!” is the saga of what happens when the king of carnivores decides to take up a vegetarian diet of legumes, broccoli and cabbage. His cholesterol levels go way down and he finds friendship with fellow prehistoric creatures now that they no longer worry about getting their heads bitten off.

But there’s also an unfortunate change to his digestive system. Fartosaurus Rex’s former prey used to flee his fangs. Now they fear his flatulence. Will the dinosaur lose his new buddies? Will climate change ensue because of this new source of methane?

A puppet show about flatulence, friendship and food politics, starring a giant green dinosaur who sings, dances and cuts the cheese.

I’m pretty sure I got ripped off, because last year when Norm was on his beans and more beans diet, I submitted an idea to the Three Rivers Arts Festival for a mini-theater production called Normasaurus Farts, about an annoying dinosaur who runs around tranquing innocent victims with silent but deadly farts. I was going to play the ruggedly handsome hero that eventually vanquishes the nuclear cloud hovering over the city.

Surprisingly, I never heard back. No matter, I’m sending a cease and desist letter to the Fringe Festival along with a bill for six trillion dollars.

Now, I’m off to Google “Does pooping out an entire vuvuzela hurt?”

For my friend.


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