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Caption it! Without the use of the words “tiny arms.”

The Post-Gazette holds a little caption contest each week, and this week, they are seeking captions for this illustration:


I guarantee that some smart-mouthed people are going to send in captions like, “Hey, whaddaya know!  Their arms CAN hold some things.”

MY suggestions:

“It’s a shame.  Steelers lose three in a row and dinosaurs start driving off of cliffs.”


“He was driving by Creation Rex when he became so overwhelmed by Rex’s superiority, and he just froze like that.”


“It’s Creation Rex.  He was trying to run down Barney.  Barney won.”

But that last one is a total lie because the day I’m behind the wheel and I see Barney in the crosswalk all, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family …”

Mark my words. I will win.


era: Cenozoic. species:

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