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Hi, I'm Rex, I'm a dinosaur and this is my blog.


The post in which my anger mysteriously shrinks my ferocious arms.

I am a regular reader of the Geekologie site because they love dinosaurs and all things dinosaur related.

That is until THIS post, pointed out to me by my adoring fan Mike:


Putting aside the sacrilege of the whole thing, they had to go and rip on my arms?!

My arms can’t hold anything, is that right, Geeks?

Then how, dear Geekologie writers, am I able to pick up this tranq gun to shoot your —

Picking up this tranq gun right now and coming to your–

Darn it!

Picking up this –

Pick –


Somebody come here and shoot me already!



era: Cenozoic.

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  1. It’s ok, CR. I’ll hold the tranq gun for ya.

    Comment by Xerone on November 20, 2009 @ 2:55 pm

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