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What in the name of eBay?!

Today I was looking into how I can go about putting my fantastic paintings on eBay, since no Pittsburghers have yet taken me up on my extremely generous offers to sell. Sheesh.  Acting like 45 thousand dollars is a lot of money.

Cheap humans.

While I was there on eBay, I decided to hunt around at some other dinosaur art.  Not art BY a dinosaur, mind you, because I’m pretty sure I’m the only dinosaur on the planet talented enough to paint, but art OF dinosaurs.

I found this:

Several things:

1. Dinosaurs don’t have bellybuttons.  I would know because I’ve flung enough students into the Mon who got brave enough to look.  There’s no bellybutton there.  Stop trying to look.  I don’t pick you up and lift your shirt up do I? No.  Because I have class.  And because I would get tranqued.

2.  This “dinosaur” makes Barney look like a terrifying kid-eating monster.

3.  The description indicates that this was a dinosaur character considered for some sort of animated production.  What do you suppose the name of that production was? “Foofy the Dorky Dinosaur Takes a Cruise”?

But even that title doesn’t explain that sock-hat he’s wearing.  Or his stupid facial expression.  Or the suspenders.  Or the neckerchief.

And why is he standing like that?  Does he need to poop?  Did he just dismount his horse?  Can I eat the horse?

Too many questions, not enough juice in the tranq gun.


era: Cenozoic. species:


  1. I think you should eat him AND the horse, as soon as possible.

    Comment by bluzdude on November 9, 2009 @ 7:31 pm
  2. In the egg there is a cord that attaches the developing embryo to the yolk sac. When the dinosaur hatches, there is a residual scar where the cord used to be. While the dinosaur is a nestling, you can still see what would be the reptilian equivalent of a belly button. However, as the dinosaur develops, that area becomes more compact and in an adult dinosaur there is virtually nothing to be seen of what once was the scar. So technically baby dinosaurs have belly buttons, but unlike the belly buttons of humans, these go away as they grow up.

    Comment by Jane Michaels on November 18, 2009 @ 1:35 am

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