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Concept art by Rex.

I’m so excited for Halloween this year, so I’ve put my incredible art skills to work at some concept art for possible Halloween costumes. As of this writing, AIP has insisted that I can not be Dead Barney for Halloween so I’ve come up with these other possibilities.

First, I was thinking of being Buzz Lightyear and making Norm go as Sheriff Woody, since he’s already got the hat and the gun and the trigger finger and the whiny voice:

You’ll notice Jake has zoomed off in a space ship to fight evil Emperor Zurg and his galactic forces. Godspeed, Jake. Bring me back Little Bo Peep’s sheep. In a handy carry-out container with hot sauce, if at all possible.

My other idea was to dress as Indian chief Giant Scary Teeth, and have Norm be a lowly Indian servant forced to do my bidding.

Note I threw in some snacks in this picture, also known as buffaloes. This is fabulous, I like it a lot, and the first reader to comment ANYTHING about “Stegosaurus” will be [redacted by Norm].

Did Norm just redact that? No matter. Use your imagination. Then add pointy teeth.


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  1. 1st off, I would like to say I am offended about your costume idea of the Browns. They are my team. I know they suck, but give them a break ok REX!

    Also, I read the post about the huge jaws…and well… I found this.. I know it’s hard to look at Rexy Ol’ Boy but alas, there are mean photoshoppers out there..

    Note: I took care of the shark for you. He is not longer swimming in the big blue.

    Comment by Kari on October 23, 2009 @ 4:10 am

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