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B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was delicious-o!

Yesterday, a student with the AIP Student Development committee came up to me and said, “Rex, you are awesome and handsome and fearsome and I wish I was just like you.”

Again, I’m paraphrasing just a bit.

Then he said, “Why don’t you come down to the student lounge tonight for a little Bingo?  It’s going to be great fun.”

And I was like, “Bingo?!  You’re having Bingo for me? Bingo? Actual Bingo?”

And he looked confused and was like, “Yes. Bingo! For you, too.  Come and join us.”

And I looked very confused and said, “Wait. The humans like Bingo, too?!”

And he was like, “Yes! Who doesn’t like Bingo?! See you tonight.”

So last night I excitedly hurried to the student lounge to find all of the students gathered around tables, waiting for Bingo, I assume:

I was so excited about Bingo that I couldn’t wait another minute so I started flipping over tables in my hunt, roaring, “Where is BINGO?!”

And like all these stupid little plastic balls start flying all over the place, clattering all over the floor and the students in their haste to run at me and yell at me for no reason, began slipping, quite comically I might add, on the balls and well, just chaos.

After it was all over, I learned two valuable things last night:

1. Bingo is a game.

2. Bingo is not a farmer’s delicious dog.

Maybe next time the Student Development people should be a little more specific.


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