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The dinosaur world is abuzz because they found a skeleton dating before my time that is basically a small T-Rex, and these paleontological geniuses are just ASTOUNDED by this miniature predecessor of the giant T-Rex.

Tyrannosaurus rex’s likely ancestors started small — but perfectly armed — some 125 million years ago, dinosaur researchers reported Thursday. Puny arms, massive jaws, swift legs — all characteristics of the king of the carnivores — adorned a newly discovered dinosaur, Raptorex kriegsteini, reported by the journal Science. But Raptorex was only about 1/5 the length of tyrannosaur and flourished about 40 million years before T. rex appears in the fossil record.

First, “puny arms”? Come here and say that to my face.

Second, um, don’t your grandmas shrink with old age, too?


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