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Hi, I'm Rex, I'm a dinosaur and this is my blog.


More art. By Rex.

I woke up this morning from an incredible dream and was so moved by it, I immediately reached for my art supplies to painstakingly re-create the vivid details of the story.

I call this one My Dream.

Note I am a super hero. Note I am holding both the Lombardi trophy and the Stanley Cup. Note that Sidney Crosby is completely tranqed out of his mind. Note my ENORMOUS true-to-life arms.

Note the eye of the tiger. Note Sidney’s bird nose. Hee. Just a little humor I stuck in there.

Note to Norm, this dream does not in any way signify that my evil plan to steal the Stanley Cup is inching ever closer to fruition.

It is simply indicative of my excitement that Steeler football starts on Thursday.

That’s all.

Now, readers. My friends. You can purchase this latest installment of my masterpiece series for the low-low price of $5,500.  Unless you are Sidney Crosby and you’d like to buy insurance that a dinosaur doesn’t perchance enter Mario’s home and steal your most prized possession, then the price is $87 million.  Just a number I pulled out of thin air.


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