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This right here is my 100th post.

Here are some other things I have 100 of:

– 100 caveman teeth. What? It’s not disgusting. It’s a collection. I’m thinking of stringing them on a piece of rope for a necklace for Sally. I think the yellowish tint of the teeth will really bring out the jaundice color of her eyes.

– 100 nasty emails from Sally telling me that saying she has “jaundice colored eyes” is not a compliment.

– 100 pieces of animal hide on which the cavemen proselytizers wrote some stuff in Stupid B.C. that roughly translates to, “The end is near. Watch the sky. Giant ball of fire coming. The end is near.’” Nutjobs.You should see these things. So cute. And the ball of fire is so tiny. And all the cavemen are digging holes to hide in.

– 100 fan mail letters from cute AIP babes.

– 100 discarded sketches because they weren’t good enough and I wanted to be sure you saw the best I had to offer at art. You’re welcome.

– 100 miscellaneous “warnings” from AIP management. I’m saving up until I have enough for a pre-Steelers game bonfire.

– 100 warnings from the Mayor telling me sidewalk bonfires are not-permitted.

– 100 ways I am better than Dr. Matt Lamanna.

– 100 ways I will scare the pee out of Scott Mervis before the year is out. This might be my favorite of all my 100s.

– 100 things I will say to Barney if I ever meet him, my favorite of which is [redacted by Norm].

– 100 odd socks of Norm’s. It is an hilarious practical joke and quite a long-running one at that. He probably has to spend $300 a year on new socks.

– 100 emails from Norm asking if I’ve any idea where all his socks seem to be disappearing to.

– 100 response emails to Norm that simply state, “I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!”

Because I don’t. Know anything about the odd socks. OMG, you should SEE ALL THESE SOCKS!



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