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Being all mentor-y and awesome.

Jake had never been to a baseball game before, so of course I insisted he and I attend a Pirates game as part of our Big Dinosaurs of America mentor/mentee time.

I have been a baseball fan since before your grandparents were born, as evidenced by this picture I fished out of my stuff (Hey, Norm, I messed up my stuff.  Clean it please?)


I know.  It is a great hat.

So, back to present day, I took Jake to the ballgame today to experience the ballpark, the atmosphere, the hot dogs, and of course, the pierogi race.

Here’s Jake devouring a Primanti’s sandwich, to which he said when he saw the size of it, “You’re joking right? Are there 600 more where this came from? I’m going to need something a little more elephant-ish in size.”


(Jake’s creator)

But then the pierogi race started, and well, as you can see, Jake saw the humongous pierogies running away from him and his hunter’s instinct kicked in, because not only is chasing prey a huge adrenaline rush, but how often does a dinosaur get to chase a fleeing giant pierogi of all things?  Almost never.

So, here’s Jake on the hunt, and there’s me watching from the stands.


Look how scared that pierogi is.  You should have heard it beg for its life as Jake neared.

I have never been so proud.

The manatee has become the mento.


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  1. Hello oh Awesome One!!

    I think it’s outstanding that you would take your young dino friend to a ballgame. It’s important to pass traditions down to our youth. I’m not surprised that he was into the pierogi race. Baseball is a fairly slow game, so he was probably just itchy from sitting still too long.

    I would be very, very careful if you take Jake to a football game this fall. All those players running up & down the field might be too much for his instincts to handle. I’d hate to read about you having to rescue some wide receiver because Jake “lost it”. And besides, I don’t know if he’s ready to see all those cute cheerleaders if you went to a college game. I know how young human males react to the girls, but I have no idea about the raging teen hormones of a T-Rex.

    Please, please never stop being Totally Awesome!


    Gina Norton (humbled by your Awesomeness!!)
    Burbank, CA

    Comment by Gina Norton on June 24, 2009 @ 4:43 pm

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