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Okay/Not Okay

Let’s talk about dinosaur jewelry.

Reader Heidi (she’s cute) brought VERAMEAT jewelry to Norm’s attention.

First, unfortunately, like you I initially thought meat was involved in this jewelry. It is not. Not a speck of meat to be found. You shouldn’t be allowed to have anything with the word meat in it if there isn’t actual meat involved. It’s very misleading.


However, there is this dinosaur necklace that is officially okay in my book:

Now that we’ve looked at the okay, let’s have a look-see at the really really never ever okay dinosaur jewelry.


First thing wrong with this necklace is that the T-Rex is collared.  We’ve already talked about how that can never happen.

Second thing wrong is the arms look like nubs.  It’s insulting to my ferocious, crushing biceps.

Third and biggest thing wrong with this is that the necklace incorporates dinosaur poop.

That’s right. You can walk around with actual dinosaur feces strapped to your neck.

Dinosaurs are fearsome, brilliant scavengers.  Humans walk around with decorative poop around their necks and WE’RE the ones that almost went extinct?

Further proof of God’s horrible sense of humor.


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  1. VERAMEAT jewelry is my fav & I want to say you should also look at the Dino Eating Fried Chicken ring. There is meat there for sure. The Hip Shark Eating the hot lady necklace is cool too. Just wanted to give you a heads up to look further into the verameat world as I’ve read she calls her jewels the meatier side of jewelry cause of the quality, detail & weight of her work. Love your comments, keep it up!


    Comment by Ana on June 18, 2009 @ 1:21 pm

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