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Math Updates!

As you know, I like math, so let me give you some updates using math:

1. Penguins!

1 motivated Sidney Crosby +

1 really angry Sergei Gonchar -

1 Capitals goalie *

the fire of 1,000,000 suns =


As you recall yesterday, I predicted dominance by the Penguins to the tune of 5-1.  6-2 is pretty close to 5-1.  I’d tell you how close, but that’s not my kind of math.  Pretty close.

I’m thinking about growing a playoff beard. I’ll keep you posted.

2.  Paint!

1 terribly talented monstrous killer death lizard+

2 perfectly useful arms +

1 canvas +

10 colors of paint -

1 color of purple because purple is Barney’s color and Barney is a [redacted by Norm] +

2 giant dino-sized brushes=

Masterpiece by Rex

My first effort will be posted soon.  I should warn you though, I’m pretty freaking awesome.

That elephant that paints is about to be pwned.


Oh, please. That video? Photoshop.


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