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Hi, I'm Rex, I'm a dinosaur and this is my blog.


Rest easy, Mr. Sykora

Yes, Petr, there is a Santa Claus and his name is Norm and look at what Norm made for me:

Adjectives you’re currently seeking: Amazing, astounding, staggeringly handsome, Adonis-like, virile, ravishing, majestic, pulchritudinous, Rico Suave.  Circle one.

You can rest easy, Petr. I’ll not be coming for you in your sleep tonight to make you my newest life sized Penguins bobblehead and you can thank Norm for saving your scrawny butt.

Now that Norm and I have done our parts, you and the rest of you slacking Penguins (not you, Sidney. Hat trick = good), GET TO WORK AND WIN FOR THE LOVE OF GERTIE!


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