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Hi, I'm Rex, I'm a dinosaur and this is my blog.


This is news?

Here’s some news:

A lost tribe of dinosaurs in Colorado and New Mexico may have survived the extinction of their brethren some 65 million years ago, a paleontologist suggested Tuesday.

First, brethren? What is this, church?

Second, that word extinction. I thought we agreed that wasn’t a real thing. A fake word. A sniglet, if you will.

Third, my favorite sniglet in the world is orosuctuous. It sounds like a dinosaur doesn’t it? But it’s not. Look it up. One time, a caveman sucked a stone bowl to his mouth for a whole three minutes (cavemen were easily bored. Because they were stupid). A stone bowl! That’s orosuctastic!

Lastly, all the proof you need that the dinosaurs didn’t die out 65 million years ago is standing on the Boulevard of the Allies right now wondering how much of a head start he should give the other runners in the marathon on Saturday.

I’m thinking a good 30 minutes should make it a competitive race.


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