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Okay/Not Okay: Rex does math.

Let’s take a look at more dinosaur t-shirts that are approved by Monstrous Killer Death Lizard Rex!


Look how fierce that is! If I ever see you wearing this shirt, I’ll know that there’s a human that knows the proper respect for a monstrous killer death lizard. And I probably won’t eat you because of it. This shirt is like body armor for you humans.

Here’s another okay shirt:

I could do without there being a stegosaurus on the shirt (stegosauruses are dweebs, in case you’re wondering), but otherwise, it’s a perfectly okay shirt.  Thanks to Paul in AIP’s accounting office for finding this one.


No, no, no.

There’s a certain math to these things.  Human + dog + leash = happy dog.  Human + cat + leash = funny.  Dogs > cats.  Cat + dinosaur = ptewie! = yucky taste.  Humans < dinosaurs. Human + dinosaur + leash = dead human.

That’s MY math, at least.

You will never ever ever see a human leading a dinosaur by a leash. Ever. Unless the human has promised the dinosaur a six pack of allosauruses for its cooperation, then maybe you’ll see a dinosaur on a leash.  Allosauruses are hard to come by these days.

And here’s one that is REALLY not okay:

Here’s some more math for you:  Designer + design with a t-rex holding toilet paper and trying to figure out how to reach his bum using his tiny little arms = designer with roll of toilet paper shoved in mouth by offended monstrous killer death lizard.


era: Cenozoic. species:


  1. Of course one does not lead a T-Rex.

    One RIDES a T-Rex.


    Comment by Rachel on April 29, 2009 @ 4:57 pm
  2. Rachel,

    I have to admit something. Your comment made me laugh. Or “LOL” as you kids say.

    But then I realized you are implying it is perfectly fine to attempt to saddle and ride a T-Rex.

    I’m going to let this slide because I bet you’re cute.

    Don’t tell Sally!!


    Comment by Rex on April 29, 2009 @ 5:05 pm
  3. Okay/Not Okay?

    Comment by Walter on April 29, 2009 @ 10:44 pm

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