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Today is Tax Day for you humans and from what I’ve been able to gather from my human friends and from the students who stop to chat with me is that Tax Day makes people openly weep.

They mentioned something about “pillaging” and “plundering” and “I’ll be eating Ramen for six months, it looks like.”

You humans are very odd sometimes.

Because I care about you and I don’t want you to be sad, we should associate Tax Day with something other than weeping, pillaging, plundering, and ramen, don’t you agree?  So how about from now on Tax Day is not only Tax Day it is also Play A Practical Joke On Norm But Don’t Tell Him Rex Put You Up To It Otherwise Norm Will Tranq Rex Into Next Week Day.

I suggest you do any of the following if you see my handler:

  • Steal his MacBook and give it to me because I am forced to use a PC. Windows makes me rawry.
  • Replace his MacBook with an HP and make sure Vista is installed on it.
  • Use his avatar to comment on other sites, especially any “I Love Barney The Purple Dinosaur” forums.
  • If he’s carrying a tranq gun and has kind of a mad look on his face, trip him. He’ll love that. So funny.

There, now Tax Day isn’t so terrible, is it? In fact, it’s kind of awesome now.


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