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Hi, I'm Rex, I'm a dinosaur and this is my blog.


Perfect Specimen

So this guy walks up to me last week, looks me up and looks me down .  Scowls.  Then up and down again.  I can see the gears moving in his tiny brain.  He starts muttering something about me not being “scientifically accurate” or something.  Starts pointing out my flaws like somebody said, “Look at that dinosaur.  Please list his flaws.”

“His arms are too big, his head is out of proportion with his body, he has an incorrect number of teeth, and he is about 35 feet too short and six tons too light.  Also, he should be in Utah.”

Come to find out later it was Matt Lamanna from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and he’s supposed to be some kind of “dinosaur expert.”

This is me, holding up two clawed hands to make a big fat W.  Whatever!  I am a work of art.  A specimen, if you will.  I am perfect just as I am no matter what the dude with seven PhDs will tell you or publish in a scientific journal.


era: Cenozoic. species:


  1. He didn’t list the opposable thumbs you must have had to make “whatever” W? That’s a flawed dinosaur expert.

    Comment by Brother Anthony on March 13, 2009 @ 10:27 am
  2. Brother,

    Hold up two hands and make the peace sign with both of them. Now touch the tips of your index fingers together.

    What letter do you see you have now made without using your thumbs?

    Why I always gotta be teaching the humans new tricks?

    Comment by Rex on March 13, 2009 @ 11:17 am

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