Daily PodCamp Pittsburgh Post

Today was my turn to write a post for PodCamp Pittsburgh. Originally I wanted to write about why someone should attend PCPGH but as I started the post just felt wrong. I was going to compare PodCamp to other professional organizations when I realized that was too narcissistic. The post would be better if it was more inspirational than all about why PodCamp is awesome n’at. So that’s what I tried to do.

Something Completely Different

As I type this post I’m listening to my new favorite album, R.O.B. (ROBOTIC OPERATING BUDDY) by Bochum Welt. Its European electronic that is super smooth and full of great energetic songs. My favorite is Feelings on a Screen and Gyromite, but there are a lot of excellent tracks. You can listen for free at that link.

iTwixie and Me

Today was a pretty big day, PodCamp Pittsburgh opened registration for PCPGH 6 and I officially started a new full-time job.

If you keep up with my blog, you know I’ve worked part-time with iTwixie since leaving The Art Institute in February. My role has been Art Director/Designer creating a B2B website, multiple newsletters, graphics on the site and other random items. The most important job has brought that B2B site online and creating to tools for the business to grow in a market research direction. That site is called Tween Trends and is an exciting opportunity for iTwixie, but that’s not what this post is about.

The Next Step

The next step for iTwixie is to start selling. [insert always be closing reference here] The iTwixie user base has grown to a critical mass, we have multiple back-end tools to get great data out of what is happening, not only on the site, but what is going on in the minds of tween girls, and we have Tween Trends. So advertising, market research, and custom programs are on the menu. The only piece missing is who is going to sell it. That is where I come in.

After I was laid off in June, I took a few weeks off from any type of grind to just chill out. I knew that I didn’t want to put myself in the same hard-nosed job search that I went through in February. I knew there were a lot of things I didn’t want to do, and so I don’t know who suggested it first, Rebecca or me, but stepping up to the sales role at iTwixie just clicked together. Believe it or not doing silly graphics and newsletters for tween girls is a lot of fun. I never, in a million years, would have ever thought I enjoy working on content for girls, but I do. You should try it sometime.

My New Role

The past few weeks has involved me wrapping up a few design projects for iTwixie and starting the ramp up my sales skills. I don’t have a lot of details for you yet but if you have any questions just ask. I’m very optimistic about where iTwixie is going and I believe that they will grow to be a great company. This is a very exciting time to be a part of iTwixie as we are poised to grow in new areas over the next few months.

So that’s my big news and if you haven’t gone and registered for PodCamp Pittsburgh 6 go do it because this is going to be a great year.

PodCamp Pittsburgh 6 Date & Location


PodCamp Pittsburgh 6 is on the horizon and I’m excited to share that we have a new venue, Point Park University.

PodCamp Pittsburgh 6
Location: Point Park University
Date: September 17-18, 2011

PodCamp will take place in the University Center and lunch will be in Lawrence Hall just a block away. I think this is going to be a fantastic move for the event because University Center is an excellent building. If you are familiar with the location you know that this building was previously the home of the Carnegie Library Downtown, before being bought by Point Park five or six years ago.

The new venue offers PodCamp a solution to one problem we’ve struggled with, space. The University Center has a large auditorium and other larger rooms trickling down to smaller classrooms. No only are there great rooms for sessions but there is a ton of space for hallway conversations. I know this will please Justin Kownacki because he spends about 80% of his time at PodCamp in the hallway. If you explore all three floors you will discover many interesting features including the old bank vault that was built into the building.

The event will be separated by two floors, similar to last year. I don’t feel that this is a large concern because the building is neatly constructed and easy to navigate. I can speak for the other organizers that we are very excited to be using this space for PodCamp this year. I think you will be impressed with Point Park and the venue. So save the date and we will be opening registration in early August.

PodCamp Pittsburgh Refresh

We are getting closer to PodCamp Pittsburgh 6 and the next step is the website refresh. We’ve been back and forth about how to handle the ever growing PCPGH website, but have settled on staying with WordPress.

Under the Hood

The update is really a theme refresh as all of the old content is still available. There are a lot of great features this theme gives us that our previous theme didn’t have. At the top of the list is the ability to showcase past PodCamp sessions in a cleaner way. Visit these pages under the “Shortcuts” menu.

There are many other content areas that give us the ability to showcase information and features. I’m excited about the flexibility we have as well as the modern design.


This update comes from a lot of work from a lot of people. The back end and theme work was done by Cynthia Closkey and myself. Our current web content manager, Chachi, made sure the content is up-to-date and current. Mike Sorg our ever present video guru made sure all the past PodCamp videos are working properly and organized. Rob de la Cretaz designed the PCPGH6 logo and is working on the badges for this year. Missy Sorg kept us all on track managing content with Chachi. Everyone deserves a hand and extra high fives.

I hope everyone likes the site and is looking forward to a great event this year.

Evening with PodCamp Featuring Kellee Maize

Just a reminder that Thursday is our second Evening with PodCamp event. I will be interviewing Kellee Maize at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Don’t be fooled by the photo because Kellee is a local rock star. On Thursday we will beĀ  talking about how she uses social media to propel her music career and tie it in with her business. She is a great example of someone who is doing it right and it is paying off.

An Evening with PodCamp
At The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Downtown
Doors open at 6:30
R.S.V.P. at Eventbright

If you have any questions you want me to ask let me know.

An Evening with PodCamp Pittsburgh

Earlier in November we kicked off the first of 6 Evening with PodCamp Pittsburgh events. Visit the PodCamp website to see the full details on An Evening with PodCamp.

At this event I was host to local radio morning show team Mikey and Big Bob from 96.1 Kiss FM. I had a good time getting to know them better and learning more about their wild escapades in radio. As much of their job is fun and games it takes a lot of work to produce a daily radio show. Watch the event below.

Thanks to Mike Sorg and Chachi for the video.

Stay tuned for January’s Evening with PodCamp announcement.

Using WordPress for a Short Term Project

Originally posted on PodCamp Pittsburgh.

In today’s world we have lots of side projects. Some are small hobbies other are business initiatives with a short shelf life. Many times when I’m in a meeting about an event or project the need for a web site arises. More often than not the best solution is a WordPress. In the past few months I’ve used WordPress to quickly manage two unique project AiP Summer Studio 2010 and Allegheny County’s Green Roof project.

Rock the Campus

This year’s theme for Summer Studio (basically a summer camp for aspiring artists) was Rock the Campus. Where we took our normal event and added local musician, Kellee Maize. We wanted the event to be more exciting for the students this year and when we started to brainstorm this concept all the pieces just came together. I knew that we were going to want to put all of this content online and we have very limited web resources at the moment.

Turning to WordPress as simple solution for uploading lots of photos and bringing in YouTube videos. I was able to manage the whole site myself and provide a great resource to everyone involved in Summer Studio. Now we have a constant connection to all the students who attended our event and will be visiting this site as they enter their senior year of high school before making final college choices.

I’m not going to deceive you, adding all of the content to the site took some effort. Capturing photos, editing, writing and organizing is not always a simple task. However I was never lacking the web tools to bring this great project to the masses.


This project began when the County of Allegheny County approached The Art Institute about capturing their green roof construction. After organizing a team of students I set them up with a WordPress site, AlleghenyGreenRoof.com, to use as the document collection tool for the county.

Now that the construction on the roof is completed we have a great tool to use to educate others about the impact a green roof can have on a building and the community.

Learn About WordPress

Most of my posts leading up to PodCamp Pittsburgh 5 have been about using WordPress. It is a great tool and there are many applications for it. When you attend PodCamp this year you will see how others are using similar tools to accomplish their small and large projects. See you at PodCamp!