PYP Social Media Round Table

Just want to send out a quick note that I’ll be a part of the Pittsburgh Young Professionals Social Media Round Table event this evening. @pghjen asked me to join the panel which looks like a nice group:

Jackie Quinn, Online & Web Senior Marketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Don Charlton, CEO of The Resumator
Deanna Ferrari, Social Business Specialist at MARC USA

The event is at the Fairmont downtown and starts at 5:30. Let me know if you’ll be there and I’ll be sure to say hello.

Also, just a reminder, if you attended PodCamp Pittsburgh this year you can get a 10% discount off an annual membership to PYP.

Always Be Blogging

This week I was leaving work and was thinking about a blog concept I’ve been kicking around with a friend who works with children’s programing at the library. We’ve got a great concept and name laid out and are kicking around url ideas. As I was walking past the library in Oakland a simple and effective solution hit me and so I sent her a text immediately. Her reply was, “I’m glad you are thinking about this in the middle of a Monday.”

To which I replied, “Always be blogging.”


Has a nice ring to it. Obviously a play on words related back to Alic Baldwin in Boiler Room. To which I’ve adopted as my new personal motto. This works for me for two reasons. 1. I want to be writing more. I let myself get distracted or busy and don’t stay focused. 2. I’ve got a lot more I want to be sharing. From my daily goings on to ideas and news I have always felt I should be blogging daily. So a motto that ties back to such an intense message as always be closing will help me remember to get it done.

Tools to Get There

There are some tools that I’m planning on taking advantage of to keep blogging on my mind, Google Reader and quick press. This maybe a no brainer to some, but I’ll mention it anyway. The more you are immersed in a medium the easier it is to stay engaged. There is  a reason filmmakers watch a lot of films. Not because they are movie junkies, but because they are constantly studying the format – seeing other directors ideas from technical to creative. The same is true with blogging.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how well quick press will work for me. Perhaps it will be a way to quickly put together drafts or to gather ideas for future posts. I’ve played around with it before and we’ll see how well it comes together.

Two Blogs

The story at the beginning of this post is one of two blogs I hope to help get off the ground this year. I don’t want to give away all the details yet but I will tell you that one is related to children’s books and the other is an advice column. Both have killer ideas and brand new bloggers ready to start writing. Stay tuned as these project get off the ground in the next few months.

Brushing Up on WP Security and Tweens

Recently I’ve been brushing up on WordPress security and tweens online. Two unrelated topics except for me it part on my responsibility to be familiar with both topics.

WordPress Security

It all started on Monday when I saw this tweet from @FunkyDung.

Take 5 Minutes to Make WordPress 10 Times More Secure
Eric Williams

These tips are great and I suggest you make sure you follow them to keep your site secure. I was doing about half the list so I’m glad I saw the tweet. As I was going through the process of tigheting up the ship I keep looking for other WP security tips and I found the “ultimate guide” on WordPress security. I don’t know that this is 110% the greatest guide but it was the best resource I found.

If you can’t be bothered to read the post here is a video explaining the 10 tips.

10 Tips To Make WordPress Hack-Proof from guvnrDOTcom on Vimeo.


It is interesting for me to be reading about the concerns about kids online. Seeing the views of parents and child professionals there is a lot of information out there. Ultimately my goal is to start contributing regularly to Tween Trends were we know a lot about the tween age group.

At PodCamp I will be doing a session with Rebecca regarding tweens online and the ethics/legality of interacting with them. This is an interesting topic especially as we venture into the mobile world where apps are collecting data from users and kids are using their parents devices.

iTwixie Week 1

This was the first week of being on the phone reaching out to marketing departments and brand managers. Being on the opposite end of the cold call has really made me appreciate some of the vendors I had relationships with at AiP. Because trying to get the right person on the phone is a lot of work.

Are you looking to reach tweens?

If you do any market research or would like to get a message in front of tween girls iTwixie is a great place to do it. With ongoing input directly from tween girls, we’re perfectly positioned to give you the most up-to-date information about the types of interests tween girls have. What is most exciting about iTwixie is that we are forging a new market segment and no one else is operating in this space like we are.

As for me I’m learning more and more about this group everyday. I’ve started my profile as an admin and have begun to accumulate BFFs (Best Friends Forever).

Say Yes to the Dress

For those of you close to me you know that I love “Say Yes To The Dress.” Don’t ask me why I just do. So this evening when I found myself hanging out with my mom and aunt at David’s Bridal I was mildly amused. We weren’t looking for wedding dresses but mother of the bride dresses.

This is an interesting task because my mother has her own sense of style combined with a strong sense of modesty. What was most interesting is that the key to this dress is that it had to go well with (and not match) the mother of the groom’s dress. My sister’s colors are fallish and so my mother was looking at brown colors.

Well you won’t find me hanging out at the dress store in the future, but I will be happy to discuss what I think works well on a body.

Daily PodCamp Pittsburgh Post

Today was my turn to write a post for PodCamp Pittsburgh. Originally I wanted to write about why someone should attend PCPGH but as I started the post just felt wrong. I was going to compare PodCamp to other professional organizations when I realized that was too narcissistic. The post would be better if it was more inspirational than all about why PodCamp is awesome n’at. So that’s what I tried to do.

Something Completely Different

As I type this post I’m listening to my new favorite album, R.O.B. (ROBOTIC OPERATING BUDDY) by Bochum Welt. Its European electronic that is super smooth and full of great energetic songs. My favorite is Feelings on a Screen and Gyromite, but there are a lot of excellent tracks. You can listen for free at that link.