Video Games for Girls

Recently I’ve been dinging into video games for girls and the topic is extremely unresolved. If you Google the phrase you find some pretty weak results. I was expecting a healthy debate of conversations in the returns. Maybe even some games claiming to be the solution.

While there are a few sites out there specializing in games for girls, those sites are pretty awful. Sites that specialize in this genre typically make the same game over and over and presented in different skins. These games lack any educational content and perpetuate the restrictive stereo-types about what girls are interested in. They are overly draped in pink and bedazzled. Sure they look flashy but there is no content, I digress.


Video games and girls has been a pretty talked out subject over the years. The subject has been studied, researched, developed, implemented and in my opinion left unresolved. Back to my Google search. As of this post the top organic return is a link to this Ted Talk in 1998 with Brenda Laurel. I really like what she had to say and based on my experience with iTwixie I think they were onto something. However the game they developed was a bit shallow in my opinion. Perhaps modern development would take their concept deeper.


I think they missed the mark in terms of creativity, meaning something fantasy based could have gone a long way.

Moving Forward

This subject is something I’m still investigating and am open to conversation. So please drop me a line and share your thoughts. Ultimately, I would like to find a great resource of games for girls, or perhaps start developing them on my own for iTwixie.