Reunion Invitation

Recently my boss has been telling me about her upcoming 20th high school reunion. Not because she is interested in telling me how awesome it was to graduate in 1990 (although the hair was still pretty big and bad back then), but because of what someone is doing on facebook. Apparently one of her classmates started an anonymous facebook profile for the graduation year and friended the whole class.

This is interesting because this profile has become a rallying point for the ensuing midlife crisis train. I’m kidding, but seriously the whole situation is intereting to learn about as generation X is embracing social media.

So being the natural event organizer that my boss is, she is working with some other members of her class to organize the class reunion. She enlisted me to create some designs for the invitation. Here is my first crack at the invite. I did get my hands on her 1990 yearbook so that is where the images came from. Too bad she is too willing to embrace the past for black mail on photos.


Designing for Fashion Design

cover image

Yesterday I spent the latter part of the workday putting this image together. Today it was rejected for a postcard. Apparently the suit is too wrong. I agree that it doesn’t fit the guy but I’m worried we are being a little over critical here. Upon further understanding of the Fashion program I will admit this image isn’t quite right. We should be going with something a little more in the concept clothing department and less glitz and glam. Sigh. I really like the mood of this image too.

Design this week

Like clockwork it is end of the summer and I’m creating the latest version of the student handbook. This document needs to be recreated every year because there is so much information that changes it is easier starting over. Luckily for me I get to work remotely on this document.

While I don’t have anything to show you guys right now, I can tell you that I’m working on a new cover and layout. My goal as always is to make this information as easy to read as possible (which is a joke because no one ever reads this document). I’m also feeling very inspired, design wise, right now so I might attempt something a little unique. Maybe give the student a reason to open and at least flip through one time.

Here is the old hand book cover that was put together very quickly by my coworker, Angela, last year.

StudentHandbook08-09coverThis image is a collection, and a throwback, to an old group of images that were created by Jake Thomas. Jake and I were in school together and he has gone on to do some really great illustration as well as make a go of it in NYC.

Challenges for G-20 event website

So today’s project is a website for an event I’m working on with the National Flag Foundation, PNC Bank, ESPN, Lamar and a downtown law firm, not Missy’s. We’ve been working on this event for the past few months and we are starting announcements. Below is my initial design for the web page. The images in the header were created by AiP student Jaycen Poole.

The event is going to be a debate style forum so it should be interested. We are still working on a few more speakers and if you are interested in attending let me know. Url for the site is