Interactive Developer

Yesterday someone told me, “Just mention Garrison Hughes, and you can do whatever you want.”

Well don’t mind if I do.

In February I took a full time job as Interactive Developer with Garrison Hughes Agency in Downtown Pittsburgh. I have been slow rolling the news as I made the transition from working for myself to honest employment.

Why give up the freedom of working for yourself and making your own schedule you ask. Great question. While the uncertainty of health care coverage would have been a major conundrum, there are more important reasons. For a few months I was itching to get into to a team environment. To sharpen team development skills, work with other designers and developers, and focus more on development projects.

Ever since being laid off at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh I’ve been shifting from graphic designer to front end developer. This has been an awesome and rewarding transition. I tell people all the time that I wish someone in high school would have turned me on to computer programing. I love my art background, but the joy of coding has really become a part of me.

In 2011 I was basically a WordPress theme implementor. Today, I’m a theme developer. The work is challenging, there is always something new (or old) to learn, and the community is awesome. This job is a natural step in my journey as a developer.

To wrap this up, I’m back downtown! Lets get coffee or lunch or whatever if you are around.

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