wp-admin White Screen of Death

Dealing with a wp-admin white screen of frustration. Anyone else deal with this before? So far I’ve done the following:

1. Deactivate all plugins
2. close php tags in functions.php of the active theme
3. add to wp-config WP-CASHE=False
4. Install the last four versions of wordpress

I don’t know how to change the theme if locked out of the admin area. but I suspect that is the culprit. I haven’t contacted the host yet, but the problem started when I updated wordpress. The front end is working just fine.

Any have any ideas?


The solution involved contacting the host. They did something to the php.ini file and it was fixed in two minutes. Super annoying that it was on their end, but good to know. Next time I will bug the host first.

2 thoughts on “wp-admin White Screen of Death

  1. On thing I haven’t done yet is load the site on a local install and see if the problem exists there. Would help me determine if it the host or a memory issue. Kind of a headache I don’t really want to go through but would be a good troubleshooting step.

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