Thinking Out Loud

Recently I’ve been working on my ability to be brilliant and grow iTwixie. It’s putting me outside of my comfort zone and teaching me to be flexible and learn new skills. The journey is both extremely exciting and frightening. However I’m aware that I’m going through a personal growth spurt and that feels good even thought he pace is slower than I’m used to.

The largest hurdle is time. In a small company where every idea is great we are easily overtaxed with improving our service to users and seeking new clients. As time is our most valuable resource I’ve noticed that little things have fallen by the wayside. Like keeping up with Twitter, Facebook or Google Reader. I just don’t look at those profiles as much as I used to, and I feel noticeably disconnected from everyone outside of my IRL interactions.

Recently I’ve had conversations with @cynthiacloskey about what it takes to be successful. Even though we haven’t discussed this particular point I think that being able to manage these mundane attributes of day-to-day operations are what clearly define a success. At a larger company these expectations were clearly defined and outlined. While working at a start-up these expectations are open-ended as everyone wears all hats.

One other unique challenge for me has come in creating content for our users. Designing fun graphics and taking existing content has come naturally to me. But we’ve done a few projects that have again forced me out of my MrDirby mind and into the life of a tween. It seems my thoughts on attention span a randomness need tweaked. However I am constantly surprised at the creativity of these children. Which is pretty awesome.

Finally one aspect of working on iTwixie that I didn’t expect, is the fact that I’m getting to know the users. Personally I am an anonymous admin character who doesn’t have a real name or face. However our users are very expressive and in need of attention. So they put a lot of themselves into poems, pictures, games, quizzes, roll play, and other interactions. So if you are someone who works with this age group regularly you are probably thinking duh, but for me this is new ground.


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