Some Music I Made in High School

Here is a blast from my past. I made these tracks right at the end of my high school days. I was in this awesome program called Tech Prep were we learned how to do all kinds of different media. From web to animation to audio and video it was the perfect program for me in high school. I don’t remember the name of the program I used to make this stuff although it might have been Acid something…

Anyway I uncovered this recently and have been looking for a good way to share it. I was hoping to find a bandcamp like audio player for wordpress but no luck. Enjoy.


Red Monkey – Primitive Man Escapes

1. Get Your Feet Wet

2. Tech Prep – This was a commercial that my class wrote and recorded at WMMS in Cleveland. It aired on the radio as a recruiting piece.

3. Number Two

4. Thumper

5. What a Wicked Style

6. Number Two (2)

7. Funkify Yo’self the Norm Way


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