This morning I added CloudFlare to the site. We used it while I was at Loud Mountain and I was reminded of the service while listening to Marketing Over Coffee this morning.

Cloud What?

Unfamiliar with CloudFlair? In a nutshell it’s a service that routes your site traffic through its own DNS. They also help your site to load faster and protect from spam and spider bots. They do this by cashing your site so some traffic doesn’t even need to hit your site. By hosting a lot of DNS records it can know when and where malicious content is coming from and block it from ever hitting your site by blocking them at the DNS level. Also spiders from sites like Google and Yahoo don’t have to load your page because CloudFlare cashes it once and they can get the info at the DNS level. Saving you bandwidth.

Here is a fun video about their service. Which probably does a better job than me of explaining what they do.

So does my site load faster? Or did you try to spam me and were denied? Let me know.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that if you do setup CloudFlare the I suggest you use their WordPress Plugin. As it will make sure that all your site traffic doesn’t seem as though it is coming from a CloudFlare IP address. The plugin can also optimize your database and make sure WordPress is communicating efficiently with CloudFlare.


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