Moving on from AiP update

As January comes to a close I am looking to the future. February 1st is my last day at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A 10 year run that I’m sad to see come to a close. This week I’m backing-up and cleaning-out which has lead me to become reflective and contemplative. However I am looking forward.

Currently I have a few irons in the fire but no new job yet. I have gotten a lot of help and support from many people, for that I am extremely grateful. For those who don’t know I’m looking for social media positions, such as Social Media Manager in web marketing departments. Over the past few years I’ve taken a keen interest in web strategy and social media is a huge piece of that game. If web doesn’t work out I will fall back on graphic design and look for a design or art director position.


One question I have been receiving is how will my moving on from AiP effect PodCamp Pittsburgh. As of right now I don’t know. The event itself is almost too large for AiP but we were able to run a great even on multiple floors last year. I will still have many contacts at the college so exploring that option is an open door. Also we haven’t begun planning for this year’s event. Those questions will be answered in the future.

4 thoughts on “Moving on from AiP update

  1. I’ll keep my eyes errr rss feeds looking for openings!

    I’m honestly surprised at how many companies still refuse to get into social media. You need a @hirenorm account and tweet why someone should hire you. drunk tweets from that would be fun.

  2. Too many projects.

    That is a fun idea however. I would really like to do a why use wordpress show or blog. Maybe I can take this idea in that direction.

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