(un)Affiliated Agent: MrDirby

The Scoop

Recently I have been recruited by Secret Agent L to assist with a little behind the scenes web work. As an unaffiliated agent it was easy for me to jump in and provide this act of kindness to Miss Kindness herself.

Andy Quayle and I helped Laura make some simple decisions about why it’s a good idea to move out of a Blogger blog and into a self hosted solution. Aside from some usability frustrations, self hosting your site gives you complete control over your content. The simple example is, should Blogger one day disappear all your content goes with it. So a project that is getting as large as Secret Agent L deserves to protect and own it’s own content outright.

The Process

We spent a few weeks planning and preparing for the move. What took most of the time was finding the right theme. Laura wanted something sleek and secret agent like. We looked at a number of very modern design styles and features.

Ultimately we turned our thinking to a theme that had a more hand craft feeling. I suggested the current theme as most missions completed have a home made feel to them. Agents all over the world putting their personal touch on each act of kindness. We settled on this direction for that reason as well as the nice focus on the most recent missions with out too much clutter to the design.

So I hope everyone enjoys the new look to the Secret Agent L project.

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